Signs Telecommuting Jobs Market Is Increasing

The ‘gig economy’, and ‘digital nomad’ are two new and trending buzzwords that indicate the telecommuting jobs market is healthy and expanding. Interest in telecommuting jobs is high. Decent paying telecommuting positions, some that even pay benefits, are readily available. Computer savvy people with tech and programming skills are doing best in this new economy, but there is work available for people with various interests and skill sets. New, function-rich telecommuting job search sites like this one are popping up to service employers and job seekers.

How the telecommuting jobs market is expanding

Google has recently created an ad markup category specific to telecommuting in its job postings that allow employers to indicate that the listing is for a telecommuting position.

Google Adds Markup For Telecommuting Positions in Job Postings

Google Adds Markup For Telecommuting Positions in Job PostingsGoogle has added a new type of markup to its job postings guidelines, which will let publishers indicate that they have a telecommuting jo…

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Technological innovation seems to be driving the creation of many, hitherto unheard of types of work that can be done remotely.

115% Increase in Telecommuting since 2005, Says Report

The 2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce report has been released by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics. This report is the most up-to-date and comprehensive data analysis a…

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Technology drives work…

The Futurist: automation and telecommuting will be as common as Wi-Fi in 2026

Sapna Saxena, country HR manager, APAC, Telstra predicts that the move towards greater automation and telecommuting will push the HR community to completely rethink its approach to work.In 2026, I pre…

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A nice example of how technology is creating new types of jobs in the telecommuting jobs market that can be done remotely…

Telepresence Robots: The New Look of Telecommuting

A telepresence robot could change the way people telecommute. Here are a few reasons for the increase in popularity.

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the Telecommuting jobs market future looks exciting indeed.

What Does It Really Take to Become a Digital Nomad?

Become a Digital Nomad

Becoming a Digital Nomad: What It Really Takes – youtube

The ‘Digital Nomad‘ lifestyle sounds enticing right? Travel the world while working online with any number of skills in the digital workplace. To become a digital nomad is certainly possible.  While it’s totally possible to live a life of travel while working online, it’s best to not plunge into the Digital Nomad lifestyle without a good degree of preparation.

First of all, you need some digital skills you can offer. Anything from web design to copy writing to article writing to customer service. Second, you should already be making money from clients and hopefully repeat clients. You need to be making enough income to support the additional expense of traveling, add to that some buffer cash for any emergencies you may encounter on your travels.

Plunging starry-eyed into the nomadic digital lifestyle is a recipe for disaster.  A hard question you must ask yourself is do you really have the proper mindset, maturity and dedication to hard work to make this lifestyle work.

Working and traveling while providing any type of digital marketing requires a strong desire to learn, the willingness to edure loneliness, and be willing to be a marketer of yourself. You need to have a strong desire to be a Digital Nomad, – that means having a ‘fire in your soul’ and an incredible amount of motivation, discipline and drive.

become a digital nomad